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For suppliers

Login M is constantly developing and looking for new opportunities and new partners. If you are a manufacturer or a large wholesale distributor in the US and China market, please contact us by e-mail having attached your price list with the main commodity items.

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We will help you build a sustainable commodity business on Amazon.com

How we are working:

Our marketers select a product:
they analyze the niche, production
price, logistics, financial indicators.
After that, they create a brand for

The legal department opens an
American company for you and
registers a trademark.

We transfer the selected goods
for production to trusted partners
in China.

The quality of the finished batch is
checked by our employee in China
for its further shipment to the
distribution center in Los Angeles.

We fully train you in this business or take full control over ourselves, for a part of the net profit.

About Us

  1. 1
    Our Group of companies is engaged in the retail and distribution of various goods:
    • children's goods,
    • goods for tourism,
    • goods for animals,
    • goods for the home.
  2. 2
    We currently have over 30 partners in the US who sell their products through Amazon with our help.
  3. 3
    By 2025, we plan to increase the number of partners to 150, as well as entering new sales markets in the United States such as walmart.com, as well as retail chains.
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